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(Global Plast) and notice of the masters of clients (global Plast) that the total family of global Plast Since fifteen years, is a leading manufacturer and specialized in manufacturing plastic packaging types and sizes of 100 ml: 20 liters of the provisions of the cover of high quality and is working to provide the best for all global customers Plast.

The plant world Plast So follow the policy of customer service regardless of location, and this policy must be accompanied by continuous improvement and well in the selection of raw materials that are used in the manufacture of products global Plast across the supply chain saturated to the best raw materials are imported completely from Europe to ensure the maintenance level product quality and implement our packaging manufactured from the best raw materials for heavy use and locks tightly packs a result of these efforts.

the scientist Plast apply the highest quality standards the various production stages and went ahead in providing products to its customers Avd.